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[Friday, Apr 27th]
What a lovely Friday evening; perfect for a promenade, no? Apperently so, yet here I sit instead of dancing away with my elaborate attire. I've been taking the Kat from "10 Things I Hate About You" stand on prom with her cynical take on the tradition, convincing myself that prom is a completely waste. But alas, Kat is swept off her feet and her whole view changes. My feet, however, have not been swept.

I was going to end at that, but I think it's important to state that the marevelous Tom Bowman was the only other person in my trig class today. This means I spent 96 minutes listening to his speech impediment while mumbling to himself about a puzzle he couldn't quite put together. What a gift from God you are, Tom.
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[Thursday, Feb 1st]
[ mood | artistic ]

I love how Brooke High is infested with a million diseases. I don't even want to go to school and take the chance of getting one of them. Especially STAFF INFECTION. Yuck. Also, I wish I would have known that economics is ridiculously complicated before I decided to take AP!! That class is craaazy.

In other news:

Aimee introduced me to the most amazing coffee shop ever, and I'm now OBSESSED with and constantly craving chai lattes.

I am so excited for the school musical! I have three small parts: the journalist, the FBI agent, and a member of the crew. Hopefully costume changing isn't completely chaotic.

Tomorrow is Aimee's birthday and I am going to go make her an amazing card. Bye.


[Wednesday, Jan 3rd]
[ mood | warm ]

I don't enjoy the fact that it was 55 outside today. It's January! I miss snow. Although I had a great Christmas, the weather made it less... Christmas-ish.


[Tuesday, Nov 14th]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm happy today because I got a 30 on the ACT and I had a great audition at Brooke Hills. I think I'm also happy because I figured out that I don't need someone by my side to feel good about myself.

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[Sunday, Oct 1st]
Right now, I'm at Bethany College's computer lab with Spence. He's doing his java homework, and I'm bored.

We just got back from the cafeteria. Pete was telling us about how he goes to a psychologist because his mom walked in on him masturbating when he was 10, and this Kenyan kid almost threw up. hasdfjkasdjf

I'm now unemployed. Really, working after school was just too much. I'd leave school and go straight there until 9:30, which doesn't work well with all of my homework. They were pretty pissed that I quit, which I don't understand. McDonald's isn't a lifelong job unless you're worthless, and I've gotten sick of bitchy customers.

Homecoming is the 14th! I'm semi-excited. I don't know why I continue going every year. It's always the same thing. I think I just enjoy getting a dress and having my hair done.

Spence is finally done with homework!

I'm really going to try to update this more often. Hopefully I'll have pictures from homecoming soon.

[Monday, Sep 4th]
Ah, I don't knowwwww anymore.

I don't really understand how everything changed so quickly.
And I don't understand why we can't fix this.

[Sunday, Aug 13th]
Adv chem- Ferguson
Honors English- Owens
Honors Precalc- Keener
3B lunch
To Counselor

Trig- Larter
To counselor
3a lunch
Honors history- Ciccolella
AP Economics- Kohelis

As you can see, I need to find two more classes to take. Since some honors classes can't be switched around, I didn't get journalism or photography. Actually, someone told me photography isn't going to be a class since Mr. Gorby retired. So, yeah. My schedule is pretty much horrible.

My back is killing me. I'm not sure what I did to it. Probably something at work.

I went to the Steeler's Practice with Spence the other day. I got Deshea Townsend's and Ryan Clark's autographs. I'd post some pictures, but they are kind of horrible.
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[Saturday, Jul 29th]
I made a newwww layout and I think I like it.

Went to see John Tucker Must Die with some people last night. Easyyyyy Mean Girls rip off. The movies basically share the exact same plot, except one is trying to sabatoge a clique; the other, a guy. That's it.

ONE OF MY KITTENS DIED. My mom buried him. We don't even know what happened. :/

[Wednesday, Jul 19th]
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Five kittens! We have to get rid of them soonnnn. =/

I start McDonald's tomorrow. I always told myself I'd never, ever work fast food, but I have 2 dollars in my wallet. The money is worth the greasy food and rude uncivilized customers. At least that's my opinion now; who knows how different it will be after I actually start working.
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[Friday, Jul 14th]
[ mood | pleased ]

I started making this last night and finished today.

I was thinking about selling it, but I like it too much.

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[Thursday, Jul 13th]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I forgot about you, LJ. I think we should renew our relationship.

Most posts will be public. Comment, add me, then I'll add you back.

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